The treatment of floors (floors, stairs, ramps, etc.) is basically done with a purpose of restoration of the same that has suffered a deterioration, or it is a new work that needs to level and highlight its nature and brightness. Actually the pavements are amazingly bright highlighting the best of it.

For this purpose there are different techniques and methods together with a wide range of services that we perform for the treatment of pavements, we work with all types of pavements, whether floors in the exterior or interior area and different materials: terrazzo, marble, concrete, Granite, continuous pavement and others.

Our services are aimed at individuals, companies, offices, communities, buildings, auditoriums, hotels, hospitals, and any facility that requires professional floor treatments. If you need any clarification, we are at your disposal to help you.


Polished: To clear and / or level the floors. It consists of reducing the surface necessary to fine tune it, eliminating imperfections, stripes, etc., with industrial machinery using different types of abrasives / diamonds, which depending on the pavement the professional will use until leaving it uniform and without imperfections.

Crystallized and polished: The most spectacular and durable finish, after polishing this process is carried out; Is made with orbital machinery using normally metallized wool.

Diamond: To bring out the natural shine of the floor. It is also done with heads of different thicknesses until achieving the expected result.

Pickling: For floors that require it for their condition, the same is treated with liquid paint to remove impurities and cover the areas with porosities, then a treatment with acrylic products during different stages creating layers, this technique is easy to maintain. Replace and repair easily.

Anti-slip treatments: We offer this service for those surfaces that are sliding or sliding with water or other liquids, which can be dangerous for the integrity of people.


Choose us and you will start to enjoy advantages and more advantages:

  • Of all the skill of our professionals
  • From the experience of a leading company in the sector
  • From our 30 years giving solutions to individuals and professionals
  • Of the widest international variety in marble, granite and limestone
  • Of the best service, price and quality


  • Who can I request a quote for?

    To give you a good service and an adjusted price we have to visit your installation by one of our operators, and we will send you the budget by the medium that suits you. If you need a guideline price, providing us with information regarding measures (as approximate as possible), type of flooring (floor, staircase, etc.) the current state and what service you need, we send it without problems, you can contact us here

  • How long does it take to polish and polish?

    There are different pavements and the state of the same, as a reference a portal of about 40-50 m2 we would do in 2-3 days of work completely finished.

  • Do I have to remove furniture in the area?

    Yes, you have to remove it to clear the pavement and it is free to be able to act, so that all the pavement is uniform. If there is furniture that can not be removed, do not worry, we cover it to work. If you can not remove the furniture we can do it inside our service.

  • How often do you have to polish and polish?

    It is a function of the inflow and transit that is in the pavement, so that this reasonably maintained the pavement, our recommendation spaces of average affluence every year, and for areas of great influx such as bars, restaurants, shops, etc. every six months.

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