Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed predominantly of calcium carbonate, usually calcite, although it frequently shows traces of magnesite and other carbonates. It may also contain small amounts of minerals such as clay, hematite, siderite, quartz, etc., which modify the color and degree of coherence of the rock. The practically monomineral character of limestones makes it easy to recognize them thanks to two fundamental physical and chemical characteristics of calcite.

The limestone, cut, carved or roughened, is used as building material or ornamental, in the form of ashlars or cover plates. With the finishes you can combine classic and modern, depending on the shape and color, there are numerous examples of use are numerous from the pyramids of Egypt to the Cathedral of Burgos, nowadays is used a lot in historic buildings, modern style constructions And classic cut, facades, etc.


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  • Of all the skill of our professionals
  • From the experience of a leading company in the sector
  • From our 30 years giving solutions to individuals and professionals
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  • Who can I request a quote for?

    The important thing is to have a concept of what you want to realize, application, result, measures etc., to have an idea of the type of material, color and type or any of our services that you need. In our website you can consult all the information about it and if you wish you can contact us here

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    Depending on the material and services requested logically, as a reference we are delivering worktops made in 48 hours and 24 hours more for installation in the central area of Madrid. Our maintenance services are planned from 24/48 hours.

  • Can I have installers for my order?

    Of course, in Grupo Carmena Mármoles we have professionals in different areas that, without a doubt, can offer you an adequate and customized installation.

  • Can you advise me on the material or service best suited to my project?

    Yes, do not hesitate to ask us, we are manufacturers and we work with the main brands of the market. Our motivation is that our clients are advised and choose the product or service with which they are satisfied.

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