There are some bathrooms that we love just seeing them without knowing the reason. One of the keys to getting a special bathroom is the countertop and its surroundings, placing it in one way or another can create a modern, vintage, traditional … The type of material, design and color can complete your taste and personalization in the bathroom Creating the environment you most want.

With the quartz, granite or marble countertops you can achieve greater elegance and versatility in the bathroom. These countertops harmonize perfectly in any decoration in the bathroom even if there are tiles, lids and tiles. When decorating the bathroom should take into account all the decorative elements that will be used, as these must be chosen and located trying to maintain harmony and a perfect decorative balance.

The marble countertops give an aesthetic touch of distinction and elegance to the bathroom, they have the advantage that they can be cut with the size and shape that best suits our needs, so it is a good choice for different types of bathrooms , In which we want to install a Counter Top Basin, or a Built-In Basin, and is the perfect solution for custom-made furniture. Its main disadvantage is that it resists little to the scratches, blows, stain and chemical products, it is important know in advance the use for which it is destined.

Granite countertops in addition to an attractive environment, give it robustness, is stain resistant and are worktops that will last a lifetime if maintained properly. It is the classic option next to the marble, has the advantage of being able to adapt to your measurements and your needs, with the type of washbasin and furniture available. It is a material generally with a more interesting quality / price relation if what you look for practicality and robustness.

Quartz Countertops are probably the most versatile and modern material today. It is made with a blend of ground quartz, resins and pigments which makes it very resistant to bumps and scratches. They have a high resistance to scratches, stains and do not let waste be established since they have hardly any pores. They have many varieties and colors even imitate marbles and granites and do not require sealing or special maintenance. To clean it is enough to pass a damp cloth with neutral ph soap or anti-calc liquid, that is, you have to be careful with cleaning chemicals (bleach, acetone, hydrofluoric acid, paint strippers) as they can damage the worktop.


Choose us and you will start to enjoy advantages and more advantages:

  • Of all the skill of our professionals
  • From the experience of a leading company in the sector
  • From our 30 years giving solutions to individuals and professionals
  • Of the widest international variety in marble, granite and limestone
  • Of the best service, price and quality


  • Who can I request a quote for?

    The important thing is to have a concept of what you want to realize, application, result, measures etc., to have an idea of the type of material, color and type or any of our services that you need. In our website you can consult all the information about it and if you wish you can contact us here

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    Depending on the material and services requested logically, as a reference we are delivering worktops made in 48 hours and 24 hours more for installation in the central area of Madrid. Our maintenance services are planned from 24/48 hours.

  • Can I have installers for my order?

    Of course, in Grupo Carmena Mármoles we have professionals in different areas that, without a doubt, can offer you an adequate and customized installation.

  • Can you advise me on the material or service best suited to my project?

    Yes, do not hesitate to ask us, we are manufacturers and we work with the main brands of the market. Our motivation is that our clients are advised and choose the product or service with which they are satisfied.

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