We are specialists in new work and rehabilitation of natural stone façades, both with traditional methods (traditional façades and ornamental restorations), as well as the most innovative improvements in the envelope of the house or building, using Thermal Thermal Insulation Systems (SATE) Improves the energy efficiency of the building and reduces the maintenance of facades.

Natural stone represents a suitable choice for renovation, new construction or rehabilitation. Their strength, durability and sustainability are a safe bet when choosing the construction materials to use in any project.

If we are considering building a house or renovating an existing one, we must take into account a number of factors that will affect the livability and energy efficiency of our home. Thermal inertia, energy needs, aesthetic integration in the landscape … All of them are basic elements of sustainable architecture and have an important weight when deciding to choose one type of project or another. The natural stone brings a series of advantages to the new work as well as to the rehabilitation or reform of any house. Here are the most important ones:

1. Cercanía and variety: getting the natural stone that we want for our new work is made easier every day thanks to the large network of existing distribution centers. The proximity to the quarries of natural stone is no longer necessary since the transport of the material to our new home does not imply an increase in its cost.

2. Beauty and durability: Natural stone is a very durable and durable product in such a way that it becomes a very valuable building material over time. In addition, its appearance is maintained over the years without deteriorating, saving maintenance costs like other types of facades painted or coated with synthetic or artificial materials that wear easily.

3. Versatility: natural stone allows a multitude of applications in rehabilitation projects since both can be installed on the facade as the floors of the home. Adaptable to interior and exterior, natural stone is a strong point for the rehabilitation of homes thanks to its versatility.

4. Use of structures: if the building to be rehabilitated was originally built of stone, we can take advantage of existing structures. In this way, we will achieve significant savings in construction material.

5. Architectural integration: the choice of natural stone is also a success at the landscape level as we manage to fully integrate the house into the environment, respecting the architecture of the area.

6. New generation ventilated facades that improve energy efficiency with savings of up to 40% of the bill. We change the aesthetics of the building with the incorporation of stone façades that give it a completely renewed, efficient and durable appearance.

Some of the advantages of ventilated façades are:

1. Removal of thermal bridges: pillars, forged fronts, blind boxes, etc.

2. Reduces the risk of condensation.

3. Rain waterproof and water vapor permeable systems.

4. Does not reduce the interior living space of the dwellings.

5. Economically revalues ​​the property.

The exterior of the building can be coated and insulated, adapting to the geometries of the building, even to the most complex, without discontinuity, or a new geometry of the building can be created within the technical possibilities giving it a personal appearance.

They incorporate an insulation with an optimum thickness, ensuring drastic reductions in the energy dissipated to the outside, demonstrating a reduction of fuel consumption close to 30% and allowing a consistent and continuous energy saving (heating in winter, air conditioning in summer). It is estimated that the investment made to install the system is amortized, on average, over the next five years.

We realize and rehabilitate traditional facades of stone and ornamental recoveries, we can equal the types of stone (we are manufacturers) or improve the façades with a new design of stone that gives an improved aspect in the environment that is. We supply the material and if you wish we can install it, we adjust to your needs and we work with technical directions so that your project reaches a good port.


Choose us and you will start to enjoy advantages and more advantages:

  • Of all the skill of our professionals
  • From the experience of a leading company in the sector
  • From our 30 years giving solutions to individuals and professionals
  • Of the widest international variety in marble, granite and limestone
  • Of the best service, price and quality


  • Who can I request a quote for?

    The important thing is to have a concept of what you want to realize, application, result, measures etc., to have an idea of the type of material, color and type or any of our services that you need. In our website you can consult all the information about it and if you wish you can contact us here

  • How long will it take for my order to arrive?

    Depending on the material and services requested logically, as a reference we are delivering worktops made in 48 hours and 24 hours more for installation in the central area of Madrid. Our maintenance services are planned from 24/48 hours.

  • Can I have installers for my order?

    Of course, in Grupo Carmena Mármoles we have professionals in different areas that, without a doubt, can offer you an adequate and customized installation.

  • Can you advise me on the material or service best suited to my project?

    Yes, do not hesitate to ask us, we are manufacturers and we work with the main brands of the market. Our motivation is that our clients are advised and choose the product or service with which they are satisfied.

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